About Bob’s Variety

Home of the 49¢ Greeting Card.

Bob’s V&S Variety opened for business to the Sun City West community in 1989. Bob Riddle, the store’s owner, was with Cotter & Co. (True Value) at the time, when the Company decided to discontinue the V&S Variety merchandise side of their operations in favor of their True Value hardware brand.

Not wanting to miss a good opportunity, Bob signed with True Value and continued to buy their merchandise for resale in his store. While technically an affiliate with True Value, Bob’s maintains the unique Variety Store identity that has become a “destination” for customers all over the United States and Canada.

“BIG” Bob’s V&S Variety

1990 brought about one of two significant changes to Bob’s with the eastward expansion of the store to what is now the massive Greeting Card section.

In 2018 Bob acquired another vacant storefront and expanded the westward side of the store into what is likely the largest Fabric department in Arizona, Quilts Plus.

After the addition of Quilts Plus, and with his extensive selection of Arizona and Southwest Souvenirs, it was time to aptly rename the store to Big Bob’s V&S Variety!